Free Credit Card Machine For Small Business

We now have a ZERO monthly minimum program available Commercial Merchant services now offers a Free Credit Card Machine for small business. The System can be a customized for any business. Along with the system comes a low rate of 1.09% + 0.9 cents per transaction. No contract or terminal fees and no 1st year PCI fee. Take advantage of our free credit card machine for small business Also click here to get information on our ZERO monthly fees program To process credit card transactions using your cell phone or tablet You can also check our Facebook page for current specials     
Visa Machine shutterstock-415135618-204x300 Credit card machine

We have a new program to help your business make more money and process credit card sales easier

Visa Machine text-payment-image-300x236 Credit card machine

You can now send your customers
SMS text invoices.
You already know about email invoices, but now your merchants can send an SMS text invoice directly to their customer’s phone!

We can now open Merchant Accounts for the following business types

  • Ecomm/CNP Ingestible & Topical CBD (no cap on % of product mix)
  •  Telemedicine
  •  Head Shops (pipes/bongs/papers/etc.)
  •  Daily Fantasy Sports, Off-Track Betting, Wagers, & Race Tracks
  •  Direct Marketing – Travel Related Arrangement Services
  •  Dating Services
  •  Cigar Stores and Stands
  •  Digital Goods – Games
  •  Drugs, Drug Proprietaries, and Druggist Sundries – Sale of prescription required drugs
  • (card-absent transactions)
  •  Drug Stores and Pharmacies – Sale of prescription required drugs (card-absent
  • transactions)
  •  Crypto related businesses

Here is Our Free Credit Card Terminal for small business is indeed free. 

– There is ZERO start-up cost including free shipping.

– This includes all of our terminal types

– Counter Top

– Wireless (Mobile)

– POS Systems

Visa Machine ingenico-wireless Credit card machine

Credit card processing companies

Accepting credit card payments is a must for any small business owner. That wants to make as many sales as possible and increase profits. The pandemic has made the average consumer. Which feel like credit card transactions are the safest and most effective way to make sales. We have options for a Free credit card machine for small businesses. That includes countertop devices, wireless portable devices as well devices that attach to your cell phone or tablet.

Visa Machine verifone-vx680 Credit card machine

Visa Machine pin-pad-pro Credit card machine

The PINPad Pro is here!

The new power couple has arrived. The Smart PIN Pad Pro (PAX A80 + SP30) provides a personal checkout experience with separate merchant and customer terminals. Perfect for merchants with glass dividers, or who are looking to promote proper social distancing.

Get a $200 credit on your 1st months fees

As a leading credit card processor we can Get you a$200 billing credit. Which is on your 1st month of fees. Try our service for nothing if we don’t completely satisfy you. Which can close your account and keep the difference no questions asked

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Visa Machine payanywhere-wireless1 Credit card machine

We provide you

  1. Tips on using a wireless credit card terminal
  2. The right way to install a wireless credit card terminal
  3. The best wireless credit card terminal for your business
  4. Explore the best wireless credit card terminal solutions

Most efficient solutions

Whenever you may require the right wireless credit card terminal, odds are. You are going to be off looking for the most efficient solutions on the market right now. The wireless credit card terminal will provide you with all the benefits .You will ever require and in no time at all. You do not hesitate to check this one out and you will definitely keep on coming back for more in the future.  Discover the perfect wireless credit card terminal. That will not let you down and will deliver the best combination of price and quality out there. It really is as simple as that.

Free same day funding for every Smart Solution merchant


The Ingenico iCT 220 is perfect for your businesses counter top. Which needs and comes with a debit pin pad if needed all free of charge.

Our free credit card machine for small businesses also includes wireless terminals. We use the Ingenico iWL wireless terminal .That will allow you to accept credit card payments anywhere onsite. As with all of our free terminal programs there is no contract or termination fees. It has no startup costs.

Our free credit card machine for small business includes both counter top and wireless terminals.
The Ingenico iCT 220 is perfect for your businesses counter top needs and comes with a debit pin pad if needed all free of charge.

Visa Machine ingenico-ict220_-150x150 Credit card machine

We use the Ingenico iWL wireless terminal that will allow you to accept credit card payments anywhere onsite.
Visa Machine Ingenico-iWL255-150x150 Credit card machine

The Best way to accept credit cards for small business is using our 

It’s free simply if you do not like our product or services return the terminal with the free shipping label. We provide no questions asked.

Our rate for swipe transactions is 1.09% + .09 cents per transaction and for non-swipe ( moto, internet) it is 1.89%+ .09 cents per transaction.

Visa Machine Ingenico-3500-150x150 Credit card machine

New for 2021 our no monthly fee virtual terminal that lets you process credit card sales anywhere. You have access to an internet connection. The program has a discount rate of 1.85% + .10 cents per transaction with ZERO monthly fees. You heard it right don’t use it pay nothing.

Visa Machine Virtual-Terminal-150x150 Credit card machine

Choose credit card machines to boost your small business accepting credit card payments for small business is the only way to maximize you businesses sales

-Our Program offers free equipment

-No contracts

-Same business day funding on your sales

-Card present discount rate of 1.09% & Card not present rate of 1.85%

Why credit card is important for small businesses

There is a better chance to in-crease sales of small businesses. In today’s day and age, plastic money is becoming very famous. One of the most common forms of plastic money is the credit card.

A majority of buyers, nowadays, use their credit cards to even make the smallest purchase. Credit card machines for small businesses are becoming very common in today’s times. As many merchants have the machines with them. 

There are many companies that provide you with a number of options when it comes to credit card machines for business. As to which company you choose and what fees are you willing to pay for the service. That will be provided to you. There are some companies or merchants that will charge you per transaction. 

Free Credit Card Processing

Use Our Cash Discount Program To Eliminate Your Credit Card Fees

A cash discount program is a type of credit card processing that passes the cost of acceptance back to customers who choose to pay with a credit card or debit card.

 Are you ready to get rid of the impact of payment processing costs. Which on your business? With our Cash Discount program you will enjoy the same profit margins. 


We provide you with what you need

  • free signage explaining the program to your customers.
  • free  Cash Discounting software
  • equipment options is free.

What Our Cash Discounting eliminates

  • no monthly or annual costs
  • statement fee is free
  • no batch header fee
  • PCI compliance fee is free
  • no contract commitment


Our Cash Discounting program works on many POS solutions to meet your business needs and we even offer free POS equipment if needed.




Visa Machine retail-restaurant Credit card machine

Take Advantage Of Our Program

-Free Equipment

-No Contract or Termination Fees

-Next Business Day Funding On Your Sales

-Zero Merchant Bankcard Fees To You

-Online Access to your account

-US Based Customer Service

-Free POS System Available

Wireless Terminal Available free

Call 1-866-223-0190 to get started

Visa Machine PASmartTerminal Credit card machine

Our Smart Terminal

Powered by the Android operating platform, the fashionable yet compact  Smart Terminal features:

  • Uses our  app.
  • Full, SMART POS functionality.
  • A large, high-definition color display.
  • A neatly hidden, super fast thermal printer.
  • Lightning-fast processing.


Traditional merchants looking to add mobile payment acceptance to their business. You can offer it to your merchants for free with a nominal software fee of just $9.95 per month per device.

Visa Machine Payanywhere-POS Credit card machine

Smart POS System

  • Our POS app.
  • An electronic cash register.
  • Fast printing receipts with automatic cutter.
  • Multiple wired/wireless communication options.
  • Super-fast printer – up to 150mm/s.
  • Customer-facing second screen.


Soft-Goods and Hospitality merchants looking for a cost-effective, space-saving payment solution for their countertops.

How to Choose the Best Credit Card Reader for Your Business

Depending on the type of business you run, you may find yourself relying on physical point-of-sale registers, mobile card readers, an e-commerce payment gateway, or all three at once.


Mobile Credit Card Machines Deliver On-the-Go Solutions


It is essential for small business owners and individuals selling goods and services on the go to be able to accept credit cards from their customers. With fewer people carrying cash, and even fewer willing or able to write a check, accepting a credit card can be the difference between closing a sale and missing out. A mobile credit card machine provides merchants with easy-to-use solutions in these situations.


Some professionals and businesses that benefit from mobile card readers include:



Personal Trainers/Coaches

Food Trucks

Expo Merchandisers

Vendors at Live Events


A mobile card reader simply connects to your smartphone or tablet via your headphone jack, and the interface can be launched as an app on your home screen. Using the app is easy and allows you to type in a transaction amount, swipe a credit card, obtain a signature, and email a receipt to the customer.


POS Systems Integrated with Terminals Enhance Brick-and-Mortar Operations


In a traditional retail stores or restaurants, your customers expect to be able to pay with their credit or debit card. On their most basic level, credit card terminals attached to your Point-of-Sale system can help you complete transactions quickly and easily.


A credit card terminal connects to your existing POS and allows your customers to pay with their credit or debit cards for your products or services. When you process a transaction, you are able to swipe a card, insert an EMV chip-enabled card or tap a smartphone app (such as Apple Pay or Samsung Pay) as payment, and your POS system will help keep track of inventory and other logistics. Restaurant patrons are able to pay for their meals without a second thought, which creates a more welcoming environment and can lead to more food and drink orders.


The key is to find a card reader that works best with your existing setup and which communicates seamlessly with your credit card processor.


Here are the benefits of using a terminal attached or integrated with a POS system when accepting credit cards include:


Payment flexibility for customers

Increased customer satisfaction

Faster payment methods for your sales


According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, you may pay up to 5 percent of what you earn to a merchant services account provider, which is why it is so important to work with a company that offers the lowest fees and the most dependable equipment for your business. As you grow your business and look to expand outside of the immediate area with online sales, developing an e-commerce solution is the next step.


Payment Gateways Unlock Your Online Store


If your business depends on online sales to stay open, you need to have the ability to accept online payments without incurring outrageous fees, plain and simple. 

Whether you already have an existing payment gateway or are looking to install one for the first time, your merchant services provider can help you find the right option for your business. 

Your credit card processing partner can integrate a new payment gateway with your existing shopping cart or help you choose the best shopping cart and payment gateway combo if you are starting from scratch; in turn, your payment gateway unlocks your online store.

A couple of important benefits of properly setting up a shopping cart and a secure payment gateway is that you can get funded faster and customers will feel more secure knowing that their personal information is safe. 

Credit Cards Processing for Your Small Business

Credit and debit cards are the way to go in terms of payment. Modern consumers prefer the plastic method of payment over traditional paper money and companies who don’t have access to wireless Visa machines will find themselves struggling to keep up with the competition. Now is the perfect time to get a Visa machine for your small business. Open yourself up to the processing of digital payments and open your business to a new world of opportunity.

Free Virtual Terminal With No monthly fees

We now offer a free virtual terminal with ZERO monthly fees. You will be able to access your terminal from any internet connection and process all of your credit card sales.

The rate is 1.85% + .10 cents per transaction with no monthly charge that’s right right if you don’t use it for the monthly you pay nothing

How to Get a Credit Card Processing Machine?

There are many steps that go into setting up your business with a credit card machine. First and foremost, you’ll need a company backing your payments. Most small businesses work with MasterCard or Visa to open a merchant account which acts as an agreement between client and company. Without this agreement, clients can’t process their credit cards as you’re not affiliated.

If you don’t intend to open up a merchant account with a major company, you can always work through a third-party payment processing service. It might be smarter to take the merchant account option.

Once you have the backing and agreement set up, you’ll want to choose the perfect processing machine for your small business. Many of the physical machines will come with specific benefits and features. Finding the right wireless Visa machine for you is all about knowing what makes a great product.


Four simple choices for your credit card processing needs never a termination fee or contract

Visa Machine 5762899-300x200 Credit card machine
Credit Card Machines For Small Business rate of 1.08% + .08cents per transaction no contract free equipment.
Visa Machine 3 Credit card machine
Mail order/ Internet rate of 1.86% + .08 cents per transaction free equipment no contract or payment gateway.
Visa Machine 4 Credit card machine
Free Wireless credit card machine for small business rate of 1.08%+ .08 cents per transaction no contract.

Free – Credit Card Machine For Small Business

Visa Machine Call-us Credit card machine


Are you a high credit card volume business owner?

Your rate would be interchange +20 basis points (equal to our cost plus 2 tenths of 1%). To get More information please give us a call at 1-866-223-0190 and keep in mind we never have a contract or termination fee as well providing a free credit card terminal and pin pad.

Credit Card Machine For Small business

Take advantage of our mobile credit card machine for small business 

Visa Machine visa-machine4 Credit card machine

Receive a free credit card machine for small business the IWL wireless credit card terminal as part of our free credit card terminals program. 

Visa Machine Visa-machine6 Credit card machine

Receive our Ingenico ICT 220 with Pin Pad as part of our free credit card machine for small business program EMV approved this terminal will work with both a standard phone line or a VIOP phone system. It accepts all major credit and debit cards

Commercial Merchant Services gives the small business owner access to a visa machine the ability to accept credit cards from the customer without the hassle or cost of a long term contract,equipment fees or costly PCI compliance fees like other merchant services providers. This also includes a free credit card machine for small business as well as our Payment Jack device that works with all cell phones, mobile devices and ipads or any other tablet. Our merchant account program is simple and straight forward we provide you a free credit card terminal and pin pad if needed. The our rate is .058% for swipe and 1.86% for non swipe. Our agreement is month to month with no set up fee!If you have any questions please feel free to call 1-866-223-0190. It is always best to compare merchant accounts. Remember no contract EVER!!

Visa Machine divider2 Credit card machine

Get  Information on how to Eliminate your monthly merchant fees.


Latest Updates

Promotion and Discounts

Amazing Deal

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Is your business ready for the new Visa Machine EMV terminals requirements starting in October?

We have provided a list of EMV approved terminals along with all there specifications.

Credit card machine for small business


EMV-compliant terminals accept all payment types.

Discount rate of 1.09% for card present and 1.86% for car not present transactions

Credit Card Machine For Small Business  NO CONTRACT !!

With Commercial Merchant Services, small and medium-sized businesses get free, state-of-the-art credit card readers and processing terminals. We offer a variety of payment solutions (wired, wireless,and online) to meet your business needs. Plus, we’ll ship your card reader to you and help you get it up and running, all for no extra charge.

Free Credit Card Terminal Equipment NO CONTRACT !!

Our free countertop credit card terminals connect over the phone or Internet and provide all you need to accept all the ways to pay

Free Wireless Terminals

For merchants on the move, a wireless credit card reader gives you added flexibility to accept payments without a cord.

We now have a Bad credit merchant account instant approval



Low Processing Fees

Building your company’s creditworthiness

Free wireless credit card terminal

 Credit Card machine for small business


Free Credit Card Machine for Small Business

Small businesses must be empowered with state of the art technology. While it is uncommon for small businesses to not have the necessary infrastructure to facilitate payments, there are many enterprises that are unable to use the full spectrum of modes of transactions. Cash is clearly the most inefficient form of payment. It is hard to account for, managing it is a daunting task and there is far greater risk of theft or getting robbed. Digital transactions are not the future. They have become the reality for a few years now. It is imperative for small businesses to accept various forms of payment. Facilitating the same pursuit is a multitude of offers that provide a free credit card machine for small business.

State of the art credit card machines for small business facilitate real time authorization for both keyed and swiped transactions, there is an option to capture signature through touch screen devices, transaction history is easily accessible online or on a smart phone, the device can work with Apple Pay, magstripe cards and cards with EVM chips.

Card machines for small businesses has no longer a costly alternative option of payment

With the diminishing use of cash and checks and the rise of plastics, credit card machines for small businesses has no longer a costly alternative option of payment, they have become a necessity. It has changed the way businessperson takes payments for their services and goods. With these new technologies, it is easier for business owners to use these machines in enhancing their business. Most machines are being provided to the owner of the small business by the company processing the payment.

Our free credit card machine for small business will enable retail businesses to accept credit cards in exchange of their goods and services. With the arrival of credit cards, customers are able to extend the payments of their purchased goods or services in a period of time instead of full payment. The machines process the information on a card and transfer the data in a secure phone line with the use of specialized modem. The processing service provider then indicates whether or not to accept the card for payment. If it is accepted, the processing service then process the payment and then charging the purchased amount to the card.

How small business allows customers to utilize their credit cards in their business?

Nowadays, small business allows customers to utilize their credit cards in their business place by contracting with any credit card processing providers. By allowing small business to take credit cards, the credit card machine has made many small merchants to stay in business and adapt to competition with larger chain stores.

business that uses a credit card machine can increase their profit margin and have more sales. Once a credit card machine has been put up, the revenue sales of small businesses has increased to 70% depending on the services or products sold. The amount of time for merchant to receive their money differs between different account providers. It is important that you get quotes from various suppliers for comparison.

However, fraud transactions always take place, so as merchant; you should follow the best practices and must be vigilant over suspicious transactions to prevent lost goods and charge back fees.

The evolution of a visa machine for small businesses started from the manual device that used carbon paper to imprinting the number of your credit card and information. It is then upgraded to an electrical swipe machine reading the magnetic strip found at the back of the credit cards

The rate for processing through our Retail Merchant Credit Card Program system is 1.09% +.08 cents per transaction. The credit card devices along with the software are provided for free including shipping as with our other programs there is no contract or early termination fees.

Visa Machine payanywhere2 Credit card machine
Visa Machine payanywhere Credit card machine
Visa Machine m3 Credit card machine
Visa Machine free-wireless-image-1 Credit card machine

 Credit card machine for small business

  Our free credit card machine for the small business owner that needs to accept credit card payment anytime and anywhere. By using or GPRS technology there are no dead zones to worry about so you have 100% connection time all the time. We offer low rates starting at 1.09% with no contract or termination fees. We offer you a choice of three different options including the: Verifone Vx 675 wireless terminal:  Ingenico IWL 255 wireless terminal ( ingenico iwl255 manual)

IWL255.pdf or the PAX S90 Wireless terminal –

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