Updated: February 23, 2021

cliff retriever Inc has a big focus in the area of wireless and mobile engineering is that where everything is heading now in the industry it is you will find that almost all of your service industries are going to use wireless some type of wireless or mobile engineering to capture the cardholder data at the point of sale you know what what we’ll encounter most probably in the restaurants sector of the future is that your credit cards never leaves your spate I “ve been thinking about” that for a minute if you were visiting a eatery they brought your invoice he plucked out your credit card and it never left your surface wouldn’t you like that yeah within these times of identity theft that’s garage or that’s where we’re headed so that kind of technologies out there our company’s on the cutting edge of that kind of technology not only do we have and that type of technology is a wireless model we also have the mobile model where you actually can take an iphone or blackberry plug a device into the end of that okay your whatever your smartphone maybe and if you’re a wrecker service you know perhaps you are a babysitter you know and you have a phone and you want to be able to be paid by credit card you literally push that device in the end swipe a credit card the event happens and it’s secure so our busines is one of the you know one of “the worlds leading” corporations in the United District and this technology is it more expensive actually it’s not that’s not and I guess it’d be worth it to implement utterly so you mentioned the benefits and there countless is it secure I necessitate wireless and mobile can that be intercepted in any way or how stick is it can be intercepted so the company you choose to do that work is going to have to do the due diligence on the back side of that transaction to protect that and you need to make sure that the company you’re using is creating an atmosphere fear where your business is going to be PCI compliant so not only do you have the issue of the mobile wireless animal in our world you need to make sure that that transaction is being protected if it’s being sent wireless if it’s being sent mobile and we do that work now I is clear that retriever provides this wireless or portable engineering at a very deep discount is that your road of trying to encourage technology to this market are you taking a loss when you do that what’s what’s the point behind that well the wireless technology really is one that is going to not only affect the shopkeeper but if it affects us anytime a transaction happens Marlys Lee the slog that we do on our mission of the transaction is going to be a lot more involved so the data that’s being collected was important us so it is actually much better if we’re going to do the work for the merchant that they deserve then what we should do is make sure that the technology we have in their hands is feeding us all the data that we need to protect them you interpret the seller their first response is make sure this does not cost me too much you attend but at the end of the at the end if it does not protect them then its costs them channel more than what a high rate would have cost them you encounter so we want to make sure that that that machine is inexpensive and easy in order to be allowed to own but at the same time is feeding us all the data that we need to protect them from that particular transaction