Check Guarantee Services

Check guarantee services is a simple process at the point of sale. Your sales associate enters the customer’s driver’s license information into the point-of-sale credit card terminal and/or slides the check through a check reader to capture the bank account data. In less than one second, Commercial Merchant Services authorizes the check from its database of millions of records, accessing both local and national negative files of unpaid checks. With the guarantee service the authorized checks that bounce are reimbursed to you in full after we receive them. The verification service does not offer the risk-free assurance and reimbursement of guarantee yet still accesses the databases to give you another alternative.

or contact us today and eliminate the risk associated with check acceptance!


Accepted checks are sent to our online system for storage and can be accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week once approved. Reproduced images of the front and back of the check are stored securely online for a minimum of 2 years.
Merchant’s are required to post signage at the point-of-sale informing customers that their accounts will be electronically debited for funds and in the case of any returns, their accounts will be subsequently debited until funds are collected


  • Offers both verification or check guarantee services
  • Claims reimbursement in 14 days!
  • Supports all major point-of-sale terminals
  • Supports all electronic check readers
  • Stop payment fraud coverage



We complete the transaction  using proprietary shopping pattern algorithms and continuously updates this database with check writing histories drawn from subscribing customers. The database also incorporates a positive file of good check writers, so you won’t lose a sale or delay a customer because of high check writing activity.
It’s that easy!
The best part is we provide the equipment free of charge with no contract!
By accepting checks at your business you offer another way for your customers to pay and for your business to increase sales and profits.’s Check Guarantee services allows you to authorize and accept checks by running them through a check scanner at the point-of-sale. Verified checks are converted into electronic transactions and deposited directly into your specified bank account. If there are any problems with the accepted check, we will pay you the face value of the accepted check and going after the customer is our responsibility.

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Check Confirmation Solutions
Digital Check Service – Processing checks digitally with guarantee at the point of sale is just extra reliable than dealing with paper checks. With “electronic checks”, we can verify fund schedule much more quickly, process the purchase more effectively, supply you with your cash much faster, and also assist you decrease and take care of returned checks better.

1. Scan the check through a check-reader connected to your credit card terminal.
2. Your consumer indications the published invoice, accrediting the transaction.
3. Return the check to your client, it is deposited digitally. The purchase is currently ensured, it will not jump and also you don’t most likely to the financial institution!


” Assured” solution level protects against examining account debits for returned checks
Send check payments digitally for faster settlement and also settlement
Boost productivity and also operating efficiencies

Assured funds upon authorization
Raised availability with faster negotiation
Remove everyday check settlement, journeys to the financial institution, and different check handling processes – your electronic checks get deposited together with your daily bank card and debit card deals

Faster check out
Customers receive confirmation of the deal and also a nullified check, getting rid of the danger of physical fraudulence on their check
Customers obtain improved transaction information on their month-to-month financial institution declaration
The price is usually less than a credit card purchase. The price varies relying on service kind. Call us for a sector particular quote.

                                 Check Guarantee Account Costs


Transaction Fee                                               $ .25 cents

Monthly Minimum Processing Fee             $17.50

Statement Fee                                                  $6.00

Discount Rate                                                    1.75%

Voice Authorization Fee                                .95 cents ( Phone approvals no equipment needed)

Batch Closing Fee                                            $0.20

Check Limit                                                       $36,000.00

Set Up Fee                                                         Zero

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Much to everyone’s surprise, paper checks are alive and well. In the U.S, we still processed 19.4 billion paper checks in 2019 for a total of $23.3 Trillion dollars. But managing the risk associated with point of sale (“POS”) check acceptance and the cost of physical deposits can be time consuming and expensive. We can help reduce your risk and processing costs associated with these payments through several of our solutions including verification, guarantee, check conversion, and remote deposit.


Check Verification and Guarantee

Using a point of sale (“POS”) terminal or an integrated POS system, we can review and underwrite check payments in real time reducing or eliminating any bad check expense and provide peace of mind in accepting checks.  Your sales associate enters the customer’s driver’s license information into the point-of-sale credit card terminal and/or slides the check through a check reader to capture the bank account data. In less than one second, we authorize  the check from its database of millions of records, accessing both local and national negative files of unpaid checks.  We have access to over 70% of all U.S. bank accounts in this process to significantly reduce any risk associated with accepting the check as payment!. We offers this product as a verification only where the merchant assumes risk of any returned item, or fully guaranteed where we assume 100% of the liability if the item is returned. The set-up process is quick and easy with the full support of our technical support team assisting in the process.

Check Conversion

The process for check conversion leverages the same databases for verification and guarantee but also converts the check to an electronic ACH payment. Check items are scanned via a POS device and the electronic information is sent to us for risk management review, conversion to an electronic payment, and settlement directly to the merchant’s bank account in as little as three business days.  we can also assume all the risk associated with these transactions, if requested. No more deposits or trips to the bank.  And the process is safe, convenient, protects consumer’s privacy, and best of all is cost effective

Check Guarantee Services; Your Money Is Our Responsibility

Money is the dearest non-living thing that people can receive quickly, but they have a second thought before giving even a part of it.

A cheque is near the money, and therefore it is equivalently essential for every person. With the time where before huge payments were made quickly with cash are now no more done without cheques.

Cheques have made our life and business transactions easy.

Guarantee of a Safer transaction

When all of the markets were using the cheques service, there were vast chances of fraud taking place in the market. People without knowing if their debtors had the required amount of money in their account and would request a cheque it will be shown as bounced. This can be a common problem prevailing with the cheques service.

Thus, to remove this problem of the transaction with cheques, check guarantee services have come up with various check options that cross-check our payment before we make a mistake.

The check guarantee services are our ultimate financial helper

The check guarantee services provide the final financial help to the business people. Finance is the lifeblood of the business and therefore, it is a blessing in disguise that check guarantee services are available for 24×7 service and training to safeguard the people from indulging in such frauds.
Their services are appropriate for the customer’s use and are a benefit for the customer’s financial growth.


Hence, it can be seen from the above article that the check guarantee services are essential for every business to safeguard its financial transaction from the frauds taking place in the payment services. The check guarantee services are trustworthy as they are operated through electronic medium and not humans, as humans can make mistakes while transacting or processing the payments, but machines cannot make those mistakes.

Therefore every business person should process after checking with check guarantee services for its safety.

check guarantee services
What is?

check guarantee services

Check guarantee is a service provided by many merchant account providers that allows merchants to receive the funds specified in a bad, bounced, or returned check. This service is usually provided for a monthly cost that is based on a merchant’s average monthly dollar amount of returned check payments

Check Guarantee Services
Inspect Assurance is part of our family of Digital Examine Solutions. Go here to view all our Inspect Services alternatives including ACH and also Check21.

Anxious concerning jumped checks?
Enroll in Check Warranty and also be covered for bounced checks!

Check Warranty implies you never need to worry about bad check writers again. Be ensured the total of any type of accepted check, as long as every one of the very easy demands have actually been adhered to at the point of sale. Businesses that utilize our Examine Warranty service can accept get in touch with confidence that they will be spent for the quantity of any check that is authorized via our system. Examine Guarantee from Integrity reduces vendors’ threats when accepting checks, while supplying an easy, trouble cost-free repayment alternative.

There are 2 choices:
1) Electronic Examine Acceptance:
This solution transforms a paper check into an electronic deal at the time of sale by checking the talk to one of our modern scanners. The procedure is as fast, secure, as well as very easy as accepting charge card. It is in fact created to be similar to the procedure of approving bank card by depositing your money into your savings account instantly. That’s it!
You are currently guaranteed.
If the check jumps, you will not even recognize it!

2) Audio Action:
Sound Action (or ARU) is developed for merchants who wish to deposit their checks in routine style. Sellers call a telephone number, enter the requested information per the prompts and also receive a real-time reaction without the vendor needing to consult with a driver. The merchant will certainly receive an authorization number or decline. If the check bounces, vendor returns the check to our service, as well as they will be compensated for the quantity of the bounced check!

Lots of consumers prefer to use individual checks for most purchases, however many companies do not accept them due to the worry of bad checks, jumped checks, or examine fraudulence. Yet with CHECKredi’s conventional check assurance, your organisation or organization can accept personal get in touch with self-confidence. This service provides 100% face value compensation on all guaranteed checks every 15 days, despite if the check is actually gathered or otherwise. This gets rid of fret about bounced check recuperation, collection on returned checks, or ineffective check recuperation systems.

Increased Convenience as well as Minimized Price
With CMS’s traditional guarantee service, you can approve checks in-person with the very same level of self-confidence that accompanies credit card payments and also money settlements. This means you can use customers as well as customers the convenience of typical check repayments, while still having the satisfaction of never having to worry about repayment for those checks. With CMS’s conventional check guarantee services, inspect payment handling has actually never ever been less complicated as well as more protected, allowing your customers to enjoy the benefit of conventional check payments, while you appreciate the reduced prices when compared to bank card processing charges.

Rise Cash Flow with CMS’s Typical Inspect Warranty
While electronic payments, bank card settlements, as well as debit card payments continue to enhance in appeal, there is still a large sector of the populace that favors to make use of typical checks. Whether it’s a means to far better control investing, or just a convenience element, those that prefer traditional check settlements frequently anticipate your organisation or company to accept paper checks. Without CMS’s standard check warranty, you have 2 options: Contradict paper checks, hence averting prospective clients, or accept checks and also live with the fact that you may never ever see the money related to those checks. Pick CMS for your settlement processing requires, and never worry about bad checks ever before once again.

Varied Options as well as Exceptional Customer Support from CMS
In addition to the previously pointed out features of CMS’s conventional check guarantee service, you will likewise obtain regular account analysis to assist identify the most cost-effective program for the demands of your organisation or company. We can tailor our programs to fit your company, whether that includes our optional check verification service, simple records with every check, electronic check guarantee service, and also Web coverage. No matter what solutions you choose, CMS will provide the market’s ideal customer care, suggesting you will never be alone when it involves your repayment processing needs.

Trusted as well as Safe Settlement Handling Solutions from CMS
From our conventional and digital check assurance solutions to inspect verification, collection, as well as handling capabilities, CMS is your one-stop source for check settlement services, allowing you to shield versus check fraud, bad and jumped checks, or NSF checks, while eliminating the laborious job of check collection. However we do even more than simply checks, meaning CMS can rapidly become your answer for all settlement processing requirements. Whether that consists of bank card services with the very best readily available rates, point-of-sale (POS) credit card devices, digital and also Net settlement handling, on-line payment portals, remote down payment capture, ACH as well as EFT settlements, persisting billing, check imaging, or settlements by phone or mail, CMS has the solutions you require to streamline your settlement handling. Inquire today and allow us personalize a plan to fit your needs.