We offer many Credit card machines for small business.

The best part of our Credit card machines for small business is most of the time we can provide the terminal free of charge with no contract


Our Free wireless credit card terminal program comes with the following costs:

  • Terminal is free no cost or shipping charge
  • There is no contract or termination fee
  • Discount rate of 1.09% = .08 cents per transaction
  • Ingenico iWL255 – Get Paid Anywhere

Take Payments with Your Smartphone or Tablet

This free mobile credit card reader directly connects to your device, and free payment processing software is included.

  • Get real-time authorization for swiped and keyed transactions
  • Use Signature Capture on touchscreen devices
  • Email receipts to your customers
  • Check transaction history and reports on your phone or online

Take Payments Anywhere You Go

You connect wirelessly without a direct phone line or direct internet connection, so you can take payments on the go or on the spot. Strict security protocols ensure your customers’ data remains private, and processing speeds are several seconds faster than those found in wired systems.

Credit card machines for small business

This FREE wireless terminal enables you to accept Apple Pay (and other contactless payments), EMV chip cards and magstripe cards, as well as all major credit cards. It includes a PIN pad, keypad and receipt printer.
Payment Jack Mobile Card Reader

Take your business to the next level

Connect with a Business Consultant to get started with the right solution for your business.

PayAnywhere Smart Terminal

Powered by the Android operating platform, the fashionable yet compact PayAnywhere Smart Terminal features:

  • The PayAnywhere app.
  • Full, SMART POS functionality.
  • A large, high-definition color display.
  • A neatly hidden, super fast thermal printer.
  • Lightning-fast processing.
  • No contract cancel at anytime


Traditional merchants looking to add mobile payment acceptance to their business. You can offer it to your merchants for free with a nominal software fee of just $9.95 per month per device.


Is it really a good idea to install credit card machines

for small businesses?


There are many ways in which you can expand your small business. One of the most basic or easiest is by installing a credit card machine for small business. This helps in handling and transacting payments more easily and conveniently. This not only gives the buyers more options but makes the entire process easy and hassle free. If you own a small business, who has a limited income, you would want to cut down on unnecessary costs.


Even though it makes the entire process so seamless, is it really worth installing a credit card machine? The answer is, it is worth it. This is because a simple credit card process can take up to major chunk of your profit. This can be dangerous, as you will not end up earning what you thought you wanted to earn, particularly with your small business. With small businesses you need to strike a balance between expenses and costs. With small businesses your aim should be to expand it and make maximum profits by controlling other unnecessary expenses. You cannot afford to go under debts or not earn any profit at all. So, to save all the hassle the best way to accept credit cards for small business.


So now there are two options. You can either purchase a new machine for yourself or you can rent one for your business. When it comes to buying one, it can cost you a lot, but at the same time it is a one-time investment. When it comes to renting a machine, you can either go for short term or long term renting policies. Renting a machine should be decided based upon the money you would be paying for the term. Before you decide on any of the options, a good idea is to go online and find out all the information so that you can make an informed decision. When you research online you will get to know which credit card processing is cheapest for small business.


Online companies also offer good services when it comes to credit card machines. Many of the merchants will give you the rates and you can book them over the phone itself. However, you need to look for companies that are authentic and are reputable when it comes to selling or renting credit card machines.





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Credit card machines for small business 

can include many different types for card processing devices these devices can include but are not limited to-Table Top Terminals-Wireless credit card terminals-Devices that attach to a cell phone or tablet-POS systems with cash drawers-Internet gatewaysWe offer any of the above methods to process your credit card transactions  

Don’t Fall Into The Trap Of Leasing Credit Card Machines & Terminals: 4 Smart Alternatives For Getting Payment Processing Hardware

Setting up a merchant account and credit card processing for your small business is no easy feat. Besides all the confusing terminology and financial variables that affect selecting a good merchant account provider, you’ll also have to deal with the misleading claims and high-pressure sales tactics that are typical of less-reputable providers. Of all the deceptive and unethical practices found in the credit card processing industry, perhaps none is as dishonest and unfair as the use of equipment leasing to provide small business owners with the credit card machines and POS systems they need to accept credit and debit cards from their customers.

Equipment leasing has been around for a long time, but it’s no longer practical or affordable to lease equipment rather than buying what you need. Hardware prices have dropped dramatically in recent years due to increased competition and the advent of eCommerce. Mobile payment systems such as Square (see our review), which allow you to use your smartphone or tablet as a credit card machine in conjunction with a free or very affordable card reader have put further downward pressure on prices for more traditional equipment. Also, a significant backlash from merchants who’ve been ripped off on terminal leases has led many providers to abandon leasing altogether. Instead, they’ll either sell you a pre-programmed terminal for a reasonable price or offer you a “free” credit card machine to use for as long as you maintain your merchant account with them.

Why do merchants still get fooled into signing up for a credit card machine lease? In many cases, it comes down to intense pressure and misleading promises from sales representatives. In others, it’s simply a failure to “do the math” and realize just how much a terminal lease will actually cost in the long run. In this article, we’ll do the math for you and explain every way in which terminal leases are a disastrously bad idea for your small business. We’ll also explain your alternatives, which mainly come down to buying your equipment outright and getting it programmed to work with your chosen processor’s payment network. It may be a little more work than just accepting a terminal lease, but you’ll save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long run.





Types Of Credit Card Machines

Before you start researching how best to obtain processing equipment for your business, you’ll want to determine whether you really need it or not. Naturally, if you run a retail business where customers come into your store, you’ll need hardware to read their credit and debit cards. eCommerce merchants who only accept sales online through a website, on the other hand, don’t need a card reader or terminal at all.

What if your business only accepts mail or telephone orders? You won’t be able to physically swipe or dip your customers’ cards, but you can manually enter transactions into a standard credit card terminal. However, in most cases, we recommend that you avoid the added expense of a countertop terminal and use a virtual terminal instead. This is a software application that turns your computer into a credit card terminal and allows you to manually enter credit card data and submit the transaction for processing. Almost all merchant services providers offer a proprietary virtual terminal, and many of them will give it to you for free as a standard feature of your account.

For a credit or debit card transaction to be completed, you have to transmit your customer’s card data to your processor’s network for transaction approval and payment. Transactions are classified as either card-present or card-not-present. A transaction is labeled as card-present if the customer’s card is physically inserted into a card reader and the merchant can verify (to a reasonable certainty) the customer’s identity. Card-not-present transactions include all other transactions where the cardholder data is entered without the card (and the customer) being physically present. This includes mail order, telephone order, and online transactions.

Another possibility is when the card is physically present, but your terminal is unable to read the card, and you have to enter the information from it manually. While this was a fairly common occurrence with magstripe cards, it’s far less likely with the new EMV cards. Because the merchant cannot reasonably verify the cardholder’s identity, card-not-present transactions involve a higher level of risk of fraud. Consequently, they almost always require a higher processing rate.

Card-present transactions can be entered in one of three ways:

  • Traditionally, magnetic stripeson the cards were used to store cardholder data, and the magstripe would be read by swiping the card using a credit card machine.
  • EMV (Eurocard, Mastercard, and Visa)technology replaces the magstripe with an embedded chip that can store additional data and offers more security against fraud. EMV cards require an EMV-compatible card reader. Most new card readers on the market today include both EMV and magstripe capability. Because the EMV liability shift that went into effect in 2015 transfers responsibility onto merchants for fraudulent transactions where an EMV card is read using a magstripe reader, we highly recommend that you obtain an EMV-compliant terminal and use it for all card-present transactions whenever possible.
  • Finally, there are NFC-based payment methodssuch as Apple Pay and Google Pay. For these types of transactions, a smartphone or smartwatch with an NFC (near-field communications) transmitter sends the cardholder data to the terminal wirelessly. This payment method offers ease and convenience to your customers, but you’ll need an NFC-equipped terminal to use it. While customers have been somewhat slow to adopt NFC-based payments, their use is growing and will continue to do so as more people become aware of them. We recommend that you consider upgrading to an NFC-equipped terminal as a way to future-proof your processing equipment.