Discover, MasterCard and Visa Processing and Compliance Changes


The card brands have announced changes becoming effective in October 2017 that have processing and/or compliance impacts for your merchants. Following is a summary of the changes that Total Merchant Services will include in an October statement message to merchants:


Merchants will no longer be required to provide card imprints for keyed transactions and/or fraud dispute transactions alleging card present fraud.


Premium & Premium Plus card sales are now eligible for Card Not Present, E-Commerce, & Key Entry interchange programs for Restaurant (MCC 5812) and Fast Food (MCC 5814) industries.


The cardholder verification method (CVM) amount limit for contactless transactions will increase from $50 to $100. The Quick Payment Service (QPS) CVM limit amount will remain at $50.


Visa is reducing the maximum amount of aggregated transactions in a card not present environment to $15.


Visa has also announced rate increases to certain U.S. commercial interchange categories. As a result, some merchants will see rate increases. These fees may appear as a separate line item on the merchant statement.