Instant merchant account

Instant Merchant Account
With a VisaMachine instant merchant account save time, increase revenue, and decrease cost.
More Time
An instant merchant account with VisaMachine can help you save a significant amount of time in your work day. Going to the bank and dealing with checks is both time consuming and now unnecessary as your customers pay more and more by credit card. Not only will it save you time, but also make you money. The number of credit card orders is expected to surpass the number of check orders within the near future. Don’t pass up the great asset that an instant merchant account from ProPay can become.
Increased Flexibility
As time passes the dependance of consumers on credit cards becomes more and more distinct. To truly cater to the needs of your clientel and increase your pool of customers you must take advantage of this growing trend with the flexibility that an instant merchant account from ProPay affords.
Increased Mobility
Through its “rapid approval process” functionality an instant merchant account offered by VisaMachine gives your company the ability it needs to process credit card quickly. Choose to process your customers’ credit cards with equipment that you already own; your cell phone or any other touch tone phone or our new POS system options.
Our Rate programs are as follows:
-Swipe transactions 1.09% + .08 cents per transaction
-Non swipe or internet transactions 1.86% + .08 cents per transaction
-Free equipment including pin pads to process your transactions
-No contracts or termination fees this is a month to month agreement
-Next day funding is available gets your money the next business day

To get started please call 1-866-223-0190