Limo Credit Card Processing

Taxicab and Limo Payment Processing

More taxi and limo fleet owners are implementing new payment solutions to increase customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Commercial Merchant Services will provide a cost-effective, dependable solution to meet passengers’ payment expectations with secure and convenient payment options on the go.

Your clientele maintain control of their own debit or credit cards which adds efficiency and safety. Cardholder data is encrypted and authorized using PCI-compliant methods. No need to count cash or worry about having the right change or waiting for passengers to count money. Recommended tip amounts can appear right on the screen, which increases tips for drivers.

Transactions are processed and cards authorized in real-time, and funds are quickly processed and settled to fleets and drivers.

CMS works in getting the lowest rates possible through interchange management which allows you to accept payments in the most effective and efficient manner while also minimizing transaction costs.

With CMS’ Taxi and Limo Payment Processing, drivers and passengers will appreciate the convenience and speed and less cash on hand will increase driver safety. Accepting payments improves operational efficiency, reduces administrative overhead and increases accuracy. Payment options combine the control and manageability of paper-based processes with the efficiency and lower cost of electronic payment systems, as well as allow for seamless integration with back office systems. Accept a variety of payment forms including NFC, EMV and mobile wallets.

Our solutions include traditional swipe terminals, mobile payments, all credit and debit card acceptance, customized, real-time reporting and more.

For more information about our programs, products and services for taxis and limousines, call (866) 223-0190. We have 3 different options when processing your limo & taxi transactions:


-We can provide you with a free wireless credit card terminal the Ingenico IWL  255 GPRS terminal will allow you to accept credit and debit transactions anytime and anywhere. Because it operates using satellite technology you will not experience any “dead zones” or misses signals


-We can provide you with our Payment Jack device which will let you accept credit and debit card payments using your smart phone or tablet device since we provide the device free of charge this solution works great for companies with multiple drivers


-We can provide you with our payment gateway which will let a central dispatcher accept credit and debit card payments using the computer. This option works great for companies that have a central office doing all there credit and debit transactions.