Limousine credit card processing

Small Business Credit Card MachineIf you are looking for free equipment,no contracts,low rates,no 1st year PCI fees,no annual fees for merchant credit card processing, you are in the right place.

Limousine Credit Card Processing


Credit Card processing rates of 1.09% With free equipment, no contracts, no Termination fees and free marketing tools. This includes wireless and tablet based solutions. Month to month agreements.

Commercial Merchant Services  offers the best and most complete credit processing solutions for the Limousine credit card processing community. Since developing industry specific credit card processing platforms aimed at the specific needs of the Limousine Industry, CMS Payments has become a major source of competitive and feature-rich merchant accounts for this unique group of merchants.

Our processing options and proprietary software has been specifically designed to improve efficiencies in the daily processing of all types of credit card transactions. Our Limousine processing tools provide a powerful and efficient means to process secure credit card transactions via hard swipe POS machines, mobile solutions, and our proprietary Payment Gateway as follows:

  • Our first option uses our Groovv payment platform. With this platform you can use any tablet device (as long as it has an internet connection) to process your credit card transactions. Features include:
  • Virtual Terminal –Authorize, process and manage mail or phone credit card payments from any computer
  • Recurring Billing-Bill customers, charge cards and process payments securely on a scheduled automated basis
  • You also get Groovv offers a marketing tool that lets you send out an unlimited number of e mails each month, generate branded online and mobile pages, set a Social Offerbot to automatically send offers to Facebook and twitter. For more information on this please go to: Groovv Offers

Our other option is our Payment Jack credit card processing platform. This option allows you to process credit cards on any cell phone or mobile device using a swiper that we provide at no charge.

Both of these programs come with the following costs.

  • Discount rate of 1.08% + .10 cents per transaction
  • Monthly fee of $10.00 per month
  • No contract or termination fee
  • Zero start up fee
  • Next Day Funding is available
  • Virtual Terminal and/or swiped transactions (including mobile swiping for field processing, and other non-fixed terminal transactions) Our solutions our designed to process via both “hard swipe” and “card not present” environments
  • Proprietary Payment Gateway that allows for card not present transactions, recurring billing, customer history vault, and the most efficient Limousine credit card processing available in our industry. Web based Limousine transactions are made via our 100% secure and proprietary processing platform.
  • Optional Fraud Control (proprietary software that allows for custom preset fraud filters)
  • Proprietary Online (paperless) Chargeback Management and Response System
  • Corporate “one stop” online management for multiple business units reported via the same screen login. This feature is especially important for business owners who have multiple locations and/or business units.
  • Advanced, customizable, and FREE online reporting and data collection

CONTACT CMS HERE to begin credit card processing with the most competitive and feature-rich Merchant Account available to Limousine operator merchants.

We frequently save businessmen 30 % to 50 % on their merchant credit card processing fees.

And if you have an on-going business, satisfy give us a call, and have your merchant account declarations handy. One of our professionals will go over your statements line by line with you and reveal you specifically where your savings will come from.

Your Statements Are Clear and Simple.

We assure that you will be able to read your statement and comprehend every line of it.

We promise that there are no costs and no “shocks” when you get your declaration.

You could see your declarations online for an instant understanding of your account.

Your Start up Costs are Zero.

Everything from system to approval is consisted of at no service charge.

A New Terminal is Yours For Free!

We will flat-out GIVE you a brand-new state-of-the art wireless credit card  terminal, FREE of charge! This offer includes the Ingenico IWL 3G GPRS EMV, and full complimentary configuration for any type of online terminal/gateway for online business.

There is no price or responsibility entailed. These terminals cost over $400.00, our present to you as a customer of Commercial Merchant Services.

Your Customer Service Will Be Outstanding.It is 24/7 US based customer service.

We are full service merchant account supplier. It is our only company, and we focus on it like a laser device.

What this means to you is quick access to expert customer service aid (not left on hold or speaking with a service distributor that has no clue concerning your company).

There is No Risk and No Downside to Try United states.

Other companies will assure you low fees however after that increase the “introductory deal” once you are secured in to a long term agreement. They will confuse you with statements that are difficult to analyze, and filled with un

Fast, Efficient Merchant Credit Card Processing Machines.

The most up to date in credit card devices for small company, merchants, restaurants and even more permits any company to operate successfully and securely every day. Today’s customers expect flexible repayment options and quick, reliable deals that simplify the check out procedure. Our credit card handling machines are totally equipped with innovative repayment modern technology, to ensure that you could swipe credit cards and approve payments efficiently.

Incorporate Your Merchant Credit Card Processing Equipment.

Commercial Merchant Services offers a vast variety of merchant credit card processing equipment that work with major brand names, featuring Verifone, ROAMPay, Hypercom, Aldelo, Nurit and more. We’ll help you integrate your tools and software program with alreadying existing bookkeeping treatments, to ensure that your payment process is as seamless and reliable as feasible.

Swiping Cards Safely with PCI Solutions.

Securing your payment process is important to keeping data safe and clients loyal. CMS’s credit card equipment is compliant with PCI standards. With E2EE (end-to-end encryption), charge card information is encrypted from the point of swipe to permission, while AVS (address confirmation system) verifies that the cardholder is right. We’ll connect your company with the greatest specifications of PCI protection.

Limousine Credit Card Processing