Credit card processing Rates


Our Rates


1.09%+ .09 cents per transaction-Swipe or card present 

1.86% + .09 cents per transaction-Mail Order/Internet

No Contract or Termination fees


Equipment Charge- Zero our equipment is free with all accounts

Monthly statement fee- $10.00

        Next business day funding on all your sales 

Merchant Account Rates And Fees For Your Business  credit card terminal for small business

We also offer Quickbooks Processing& Free Software

We now offer business owners the ability to process there credit card transaction through Quickbooks. We provide free quickbooks software along with a free USB device to swipe the credit cards. You can now process your transactions with using quickbooks software and get our low rates with zero upfront cost.
This option along with our free terminal program, low rates, no cancellation fee and account sign up bonus makes accepting credit cards at your business as easy as it can get.

Please do not forget that we offer free supplies for the life of your account.

To open your merchant account please call 1-866-223-0190 today!

You now will receive a credit of $200 on your 1st months billing so you get to try our service for free since we have no cancellation or termination fees

If you would like to totally eliminate your monthly merchant bankcard fees you can take advantage of our CASH DISCOUNT PROGRAM
Businesses Across America are Taking Charge of their payment processing fees by eliminating them completely! Would you like to pay ZERO in monthly processing fees?

90 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – If your not 100% pleased with our Cash Discount Program, we will switch you back to traditional processing.
Happy Customers – Over 174,000 Happy Customers and 39 Billion processed Annually.
Merchant are Moving to CASH pricing models. A cash discount isn’t only for the gas stations. This
is a pricing model that is giving merchants a reasonable option to reduce significant business expense. This empowers your customers to choose if they want to pay cash and save. Data shows that 90% of merchants will stay with the Cash Discount program because they did not lose customers but experience ZERO processing fees on their bill.

No more Annual Rate Increases or Hidden Fees.
Patented Automatic Process – The only Cash Discount solutions that holds 3 US patents.
More profits – Cash pricing model allows merchants to be more competitive overall, and increase profit margins.