Credit card processing Rates


Application/Set Up Fee

Retail/Swipe Rates

Key-in/Internet Rates

Discover/AMEX Setup Fee

Credit Restrictions

Transaction Fee

Statement Fee

Cancellation Fee

Industry Rates

$95-$250 Non-Refundable

1.79% – 1.99%

2.39% – 2.59%


Very Strict

25-35 cents

$12-$20 per month


Our Rates





98% Acceptance

.09 cents

$10.00 per month


We also offer Quickbooks Processing& Free Software

We now offer business owners the ability to process there credit card transaction through Quickbooks. We provide free quickbooks software along with a free USB device to swipe the credit cards. You can now process your transactions with using quickbooks software and get our low rates with zero upfront cost.
This option along with our free terminal program, low rates, no cancellation fee and account sign up bonus makes accepting credit cards at your business as easy as it can get.

Please do not forget that we offer free supplies for the life of your account.

To open your merchant account please call 1-866-223-0190 today!