SMS text invoices

You can now send customers
SMS text invoices.
You already know about email invoices, but now your merchants can send an SMS text invoice directly to their customer’s phone!
1 |Merchant creates a new invoice.2 |They will enter the invoice details, customer information and mobile phone number, and send.3 |Their customer will receive the SMS text invoice with a link to submit their payment.
How to Send an SMS Invoice  credit card terminal for small business
How to Send an SMS Invoice  credit card terminal for small business

Also new in Payanywhere 6.3.6: If your merchants have tips enabled in their payment settings, the option to Allow Customer to Add Tip can be toggled on or off for each individual invoice. Previously, this option was automatically included on invoices if your merchants had tips enabled.

No one loves invoicing. That’s partly because 92.6% of small businesses say they are rarely paid on time.

Adding insult to injury are the complex, automated, and expensive invoicing workflows that don’t solve the problem.

We’re here to offer a fix. The reason people haven’t been able to improve their invoicing is that they’re trying to solve the wrong problem.

The problem at the heart of why most invoices go unpaid is a communication one. The number one reason people don’t pay your invoice on time is that they forgot. 

They receive your invoice in an email inbox that receives 120 messages every single day. It’s why you should send SMS invoices to get paid faster.

In this article we cover:

Why Send SMS Invoices?

Two thousand six hundred seventeen times a day. That is how often the average person taps on their phone.

So it’s no surprise that text messages have 98% open rates–and that smart businesses are starting to take advantage of this.

While SMS marketing and customer service/sales are the best-known application of business texting, in the last few years we’ve seen more small businesses use SMS for debt collection, let customers pay by text, and send SMS invoices.

This isn’t just because of email’s declining open and response rates. People like receiving texts, with 54% of consumers are frustrated when they can’t text companies.